We are education, creativity and technology

We design technology that can inspire the entire educational community and get everyone involved to achieve a fundamental shift towards a more open, personalized and dynamic educational environment.

Weeras Platform

Develop the efficiency of your school

Our virtual learning platform is designed to boost the efficiency of your school. By developing specific modules, we have created a system that can comprehensively manage your educational community, monitor the progress of your students and emphasize communication between teachers, students and families.

Weeras Author

Digitizing content is now within everyone’s reach

Digitization provides solutions that allow for the development of skills needed to meet the challenges of modern education. Weeras Author is an intelligent, intuitive, cloud-based tool that allows you to create fantastic educational content in a fully interactive and pedagogical format.

Weeras App

Maximize your digital content

We have developed an application that provides the technological framework to get the most out of your digital content and make it more accessible. With this multiplatform application, teachers, students and families will always have a large repertoire of educational content and interactive activities at their disposal which can enrich any teaching method.

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